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Battlebox   BattleBox Server Rules
11.11.2007 von Sierra05

Everyone who sticks to the following rules is welcome.
Teamplay is emphasised on the BattleBox. We always try to deal friendly with each other. Insults and bad manners are not tolerated. We use a Teamspeakserver to talk together. That gives not only a major advantage at coordinated and strategic operations for your team but it is also a big fun to get to know the people with which you play. You are heartly invited to join our Teamspeakserver at any time. Teamspeak can be downloaded here ( ). You can also find there hints on the usage of Teamspeak.

1. Basecamping is not allowed.
- We consider killing adversaries in an enemy base, that is, a flag which cannot be taken and which is shown on the map as crossed out in red, to be Basecamping. An airport which is directly adjectant to the base is considered to be part of the base.
- Especially killing enemies with a tank while staying on a repair pad, being infantry and killing spawning adversaries or using artillery to fire into the base is considered Bascamping.
- Sniping from outside the base is explicitly allowed.
- A Spec. Op unit may destroy the enemies' commando material (UAV, Scan,...) in BF2. He may be supported by other infantery.

2. Planecamping is not allowed.
- We consider the unprovoked shooting or bombing of an enemy base, that is, a flag which cannot be taken and which is shown on the map as crossed out in red, to be Planecamping.
- Especially shooting down aircrafts/helicopters which are starting is considered to be Planecamping.
- A merely fly-by over the base in order to continue a dogfight which began somewhere else on the map is explicitly allowed. But there is no other reason for a fly-by over the base.
- If AAs, tanks or APCs interfere with the dogfight, fire may be returned. On the map battleaxe it is explicitly allowed to destroy AAs prophylactically.
- Parachuting pilots may steal vehicles from a base but have to leave the base on the shortest possible way without scoring kills. Otherwise their actions will be considered Basecamping.

3. Teamkills are not allowed.
- Of course, Teamkills can also be caused by accidents like a misfortunate granate throw. But intentional Teamkills, e.g. to be the first at a vehicle, are prohibited.
- The BattleBox has been configured to autokick on the third Teamkill.

4. It is not allowed to attack your team's vehicles.
- Especially it is not allowed to fire at your team's vehicles just because you are angry that you did not get them yourself.

5. Cheats and Mapexploits are not allowed.
- Punkbuster is installed on the BattleBox in order to prevent the use of known cheats. If you are kicked from the BattleBox and get an error message relating to Punkbuster then make a manual update using pbsetup ( )

6. We do not tolerate nicknames with
rassistic, nationalsocialistic, right wing extremist or fascistic content. Players with such nicknames are immediately kicked from the server.

7. In order to ensure a fluent game for all, players with
a bad internet connection that gives them a ping of constantly more than 200 ms are automatically kicked from the BattleBox.

8. The Fullmembers of Team BattleBox
work honorary to administrate and finance the public BattleBox servers. For this reason we don't tolarte clans that try to abuse our servers as a platform for their recruitments.

9. The public BattleBox Servers
are a voluntary service of the Team Battlebox. To play on them is a privilege that can be revoked at any time without further explanatory statements. If you buy the game from EA that will neither contribute to the support of our servers nor can you deduct any rights to play on or to decide about our servers.

10. Spawncamping is undesired.
We define spawncamping as the continuous elimination of newly spawned infantery without the intention or prospect of capturing the flag within the next time.

11. Pilots should fly, not drive
The use of ground vehicles just for transportation to the nearest plane is not allowed. We think that pilots can take a walk to their planes and that the team will profit when infantery does not need to fetch vehicles at the nearest air field.

We don't force anybody to play on our servers. If someone doesn't want to play according to our rules, we will take care that he can choose one of the estimated 1000 other servers to play on.

These rules are enforced by the players with admin-rights by using kicks and bans. It is the admin's decision to give warnings or to kick directly.

If there are any complaints, you can post in the forum ( ) in the BattleBox V1.XX Pure section or you can directly join our TeamSpeak server (

We believe that these rules ensure the fun at the game und wish you a good time on the BattleBox.

The Team BattleBox.

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