W.I.P. Screenshots and OPK 2 v0.41 - Fight Night

Rund um das alltägliche Zocken auf dem BattleBox OPK 2 Server
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W.I.P. Screenshots and OPK 2 v0.41 - Fight Night

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Finally ... finally it's done. The release of v0.4 is here! Not the full content that was planned before, but for the 10th anniversary of Operation Peacekeeper we want send you a small gift. In the following changelog you can see the changes in this version.

10 years have passed, and when I look back so I see many great moments and especially many funny and busy night shifts, I've spent with the guys from the team in Ventrilo or TeamSpeak. Many great ideas came out of there, as well as a lot of nonsense that has yet coined. By working on the mod with the team, friendships have been formed, which one would not have found so. Even if the team no longer exists, many from the old developer and tester team repeatedly to have a lot of fun. The ten years have marked, friendly as well as for one or the other professionally.

It has been declared dead to us and yet we are here again, even if only a small part of the team that has created and then built this great mod. Also there were many clans, news pages, regulars and other supporters, who deserve great thanks that OPK's long existence.

A big thank you I want to align at this point to the following:

WarumDarum.de (Flüstertüte), BF-Games.net, DKS-Deutsche Klappspatenl, = SrV = Clan and = WTF = clan that does not exist anymore. As well as many regular players who have always remained loyal to us and you may meet on the OPK servers were and gave us tips and support.

But, enough said, here are the Download Links and the Changelog:

Lade dir Battlefield 2 kostenlos herunter: Download

OPK 0.4 CORE File


OPK 0.4 SERVER Files

OPK 0.41 Fan Patch

Someone wrote: Changelog OPK v0.4 Full

- added new Menu Music
- added new Loadscreen Music to: Battle Of Tutin, Border Control, Wildgans, Battle Of Bogovina, Airfield Assault

Credits to these great free music artists: Immanuel Sixt, Köddi, Mark Winter, Nicolas Rathje, pegasus26, Sebastian Korbinian Bach, Track A.G, Vlad

- added Shaderfix for some graphic errors with radeon graphic cards


- added new Map: Tunnelfight


Airfield Assault
Battle Of Bogovina
Border Control
Monastari Zogosije
Osicje Valley
Battle Of Tutin
Operation Wildgans

Zoom: (activate with RMB)

Leopard 2A6
Marder 1A5
Gepard 1A2
Dingo2 MG3
BTR60 (for zoom click FlareFire button)
BRDM (for zoom click FlareFire button)
Wiesel MK20
MI-24 HIND (for zoom press RMB and extended zoom press F9 for Nosecam, weapon change with button 1,2,3)


Leopard 2A6 - Koaxial MG
M-84A - Koaxial MG
M-80A - 20mm Cannon
M-80A - Koaxial MG
Marder 1A5 - Koaxial MG


TPz Fuchs added to: Battle of Tutin, Border Control, Osicje Valley, Operation Wildgans
BTR60 added to: Battle of Tutin, Border Control, Osicje Valley, Operation Wildgans, Battle Of Bogovina
Fennek SWP added to: Border Control
Wiesel TOW added to: Osicje Valley, Battle Of Bogovina, Airfield Assault

Vehicle Sounds:

Gepard - 35mm cannon
Leopard - MG3 7.62mm coaxial MG
M-84 - M86 7.62mm coaxial MG
BRDM2 - 14.5mm cannon & 7.62mm coaxial MG
BTR-60 - 14.5mm cannon
Orao - 23 mm GSh-23L cannon
Tornado - Mauser BK-27 cannon
Mig21 - 23mm GScha-23 cannon
F4 Phantom - 20mm M61 A1 Vulcan cannon
Mi24 Hind - 12.7mm JakB cannon

Weapon Sounds:
VZ61 Scorpion

G36 Series
P12 SD


Airfield Assault
Battle Of Bogovina
Battle Of Tutin
Borders Infiltration
Border Control
Harbour Sabotage
Operation Peppermint

Easteregg :)

Operation Peacekeeper 2 ist 2017 zurück!!!

Statement about SP & COOP support

Every time I read comments about the missing sp & coop support in OPK and now I give you a short statement about that issue.

At first:

The whole Dev-Team of OPK is gone since 2010 and I am working alone on OPK again. I can't do all the work on a functionally working sp and coop mode. The most upcoming content was from our old active OPK team, but never finished and released. I worked on that content to finish it for release. Any new content for the VSCG and some british content is shared work from other mods, they gave me permission to use in OPK.

The issue:

Some of our own OPK statics, like own build bridges and other statics, has missing col files for a working ai with the bots. They need a rework and fixing for that. This was not considered at that time during the creation of the statics. I don't know anything about that and I don't know anything about navmeshing for the OPK Maps, that is needed for the bots.

Three years ago, Spyker was working on the sp/coop support. But then I stopped working on OPK and the contact was lost to him.

At the moment I can't integrate bot support and OPK works only in MP mode.

This is sad, but I can't do that.

So I try to do my best on the upcoming version, but only without bot supported maps.

Sorry guys....

But if there is anyone who want help with that, is welcome.

Hope I see some of you at the Fight Night for some fun with the latest version 0.4.

And there is a conflict in the last version with the Tornado ai files. Some player got troubles with crashing the mod at loading a map. I would release a Hotfix for that fast as I can.So be patient.

Thx for all the support to all players and fans of our mod.


Today i want to present new WIP screenshots of my work on the upcoming OPK version

On the following screenshots you can see the Mil Mi-8 transport helicopter, armed with rocketpods, for the VSCG:

(credits for the Mil Mi-8 going out to Project Reality and Eve Of Destruction)




and the new main battle tank T-72 for the VSCG:

(credits going out for the T-72 MBT to US Intervention)






Big thx to the mod-teams "PR2: Project Reality2, EOD: Eve Of Destruction, IDF: Fight for Independence and NAW: Nations At War", for helping me, realize the new OPK version.


A new OPK Fight Night is planned and the date is already fixed.
Prepare for another fight night with the OPK v.041

See you on February 11th on the official OPK - Fight Night Server!

Quelle zum nachlesen: http://www.moddb.com/mods/operation-peacekeeper-2
Liebt die BATTLEBOX! :-)
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